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As autumn approaches, the seasonal changes in the Northern Cape are magnificent. Watch the colours of the leaves turn and the weather take on a crisp feel. This is a perfect time to visit our fair province. Celebrate Easter in the Northern Cape and reconnect with your family and friends. We wish all our visitors happy holidays and a blessed Easter time to our Christian friends.

Latest News

Kimberley to host world-class skateboarding event

Kumba Skatepark in Kimberley will host Midway Mayhem, one of South Africa’s largest skateboarding events, on Saturday 18 April.

What's On

Sound/Dyno Day and Show and Shine Competition

Motoring enthusiasts from all over South Africa are flocking to Kimberley to participate or view this extreme motoring event. Whilst here do visit the Big Hole & Kimberley Museum, the largest hand-dug excavation in the world, a modern diamond museum and an old town village. For nature lovers Dronfield Nature Reserve is only 10km away and Mokala National Park 70km for excellent game viewing and birdwatching.

Location:           Bakgat– Kimberley North
Date:                4 – 5 March 2015
Contact:            Faghme Adams
Mobile:              +2783 768 9545

Namib Desert Run

This 31-year-old adventure run is a social, non-competitive fun trip requiring no special riding or driving skills, or dedicated vehicles.
The race starts in Kuruman in the Northern Cape to Swakopmund in Namibia and all types of people of all ages have been taking part over the years with their own vehicles like motorcycles, 4X4’s, bakkies, kombis, cars, quad ATV’s, microlights and sidecars.

Starting in Kuruman the adventurous route will take you through the arid but picturesque desert towns of Hotazel, Vanzylsrus, Middelpits, Andriesvale, Mier and to the Rietfontein border post where you will enter Namibia. From there participants will wind their way through Koes and the famous Khomas Hochland to eventually reach the final destination – Swakopmund.. 

Location:            Kuruman to Swakopmund
Date:                3 – 10 April 2015
Contact:            Simon Fourie
Tel:                   +27 11 7825521

Diamond & Dorings Music and Arts Festival

Head to Kimberley for a weekend of fun and great music! The annual Diamond & Dorings, presented by the Sol Plaatje Municipality, promises a jam packed program featuring the best of local and South African talent. Pack a picnic basket, your barbecue kit and prepare yourself for a day of relaxation on the banks of the Vaal River just outside Kimberley whilst listening to the soothing sounds of SA’s top Jazz musicians.

Riverton & Langley Resorts, the venue for this event, offer a wide choice of water and land activities – boating, fishing, a walk-in bird park, a powerboat jetty, a putt-putt course, swimming pools and a river ferry. Facilities include fully-equipped self-catering accommodation and a caravan park,


Location:           Riverton and Langley Resorts/ Kimberley City
Date:                4 – 6 April 2015
Contact:            Neo Poolo
Tel:                   +2753 830 6271
Mobile:              +2784 957 1627

Trans Karoo Mountain Bike Challenge

The 2015 Trans Karoo Mountain bike race promises to be the ultimate endurance test as cyclists tackle the 240km down ride route from Sutherland to Ceres.  The one day race starts at 07h00 on Saturday 25 April, in Sutherland’s Church Street and will finish at Eselfontein Farm, Ceres.

Considered as one of the longest single stage endurance mountain bike races in South Africa, the distance, including 5 compulsory check point stops must be completed within 17 hours in order for participants to avoid elimination.  The popularity of the race is increased by the fact that entries are limited to only 500, due to the sensitive eco-systems that the race traverses.  Well-known rider, Johan Kruger, will form part of the field of top cyclists.

Riders can once again expect tough sections on route including the daunting descent of Ouberg Pass and the 14km climb up the Skittery Pass, which forms part of the new section of the route. The magnificent beauty of the Tankwa Karoo will entertain riders with its sweeping vistas and abundance of wildlife.

Visit Sutherland for an experience of galactic grandeur. Home to the South African Astronomical Observatory and it is famed for being one of the best star-gazing places in the world.

Location:           Sutherland to Ceres
Date:                25 April 2015
Contact:            Glyn Broomberg
Tel:                   +2772 170 7547


AfrikaBurn is the spectacular result of the creative expression of participants who gather once a year in the Tankwa Karoo National Park to create a temporary city of art, theme camps, costume, music and performance!

This year’s theme asks to us to contemplate the gift – a gift revives the soul. Gifts in Tankwa Town are alchemical glue, multi-layered; at once moral, playful, aesthetic, mythological, whimsical and a true gift never really belongs to the person who gives it. We really didn’t do anything to deserve them. There isn’t any deal involved. The true value of gifts is unconditional. They just flow out of us.”- Larry Harvey

Tankwa Karoo National Park is one of six national parks located in the Northern Cape Province. Situated within the Succulent Karoo Biome, the area is renowned for its rare and endemic plant species, rich birdlife and incredibly diverse landscapes.  It is the perfect place for stargazing, bird-watching and complete relaxation.  The park offers two fairly challenging 4x4 trails and several other tracks. Accommodation options range from cottages and guesthouses to developed camp sites and informal camping areas.

Location:           Tankwa Karoo National Park
Date:                27 April – 3 May 2015
Contact:            Liz Linsell
Tel:                   +2782 785 2219









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