Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Tourism Month 2015 activations are underway in the Northern Cape. Mindful of the province’s strong oral tradition, this year the Northern Cape has elected to emphasise road shows as opposed to creating one central event. 

The annual Tourism Month celebrations take place each September, with a focus on the importance of tourism to the South African economy and to job creation, encouraging South Africans to travel their country and gain a deepened understanding of the fun, affordable attractions on one’s doorstep through the creation of meaningful, memorable experiences.  The theme for 2015 is A Million New Experiences are a Sho’t Left Away – A billion tourists, a billion opportunities.  

Comments from the MEC John Block, “Tourism Month 2015 will be celebrated in the form of road show.  This is in keeping with the fact that Tourism Month coincides with Heritage Day on September 24.  What better way to celebrate our collective heritage than to encourage Noord-Kaapenaars and fellow South Africans alike to pay tribute to our heritage by travelling to sites that showcase, not least, our exceptional heritage?”

“Northern Cape abounds with experiences that centre around the stories of our people, giving us a distinct edge in the global marketplace,” Block continues.  “Our cultural and heritage based tourism assets are accentuated during Tourism Month.  These road shows offer an opportunity to help unite communities in deepening our understanding of one another and strengthening our areas of commonality, in so doing instilling a sense of community, pride and of belonging”.

Rewarding Cultural Experiences, the distinct cultural groups that make up the Northern Cape are as rich as the country’s history. Unlock the secrets of the African bush in the company of the oldest human inhabitants of the region, the ‡Khomani San near the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Swim in the hot pools of Riemvasmaak, discover the ancient wisdom of the Nama of the Richtersveld, a world heritage site. Explore living villages, shop at craft markets, indulge in regional authentic cuisine at local eateries and be transported to the world of our ancestors through campfire storytelling and dancing. It’s the best way to experience the heartbeat of the province and to take some of the soul of the Northern Cape with you on your return journey home.

 “Seasonal, cross border, special interest and brand pillar campaigns are central to the Northern Cape’s domestic tourism strategy,” says Block.  “The National Development Plan recognises tourism as one of the main drivers of employment and economic growth.  The Northern Cape remains on a growth trajectory that is in line with the National Rural Tourism Strategy which looks at packaging of rural tourism products and opportunities in South Africa, particularly in areas of high poverty”, mentions Block.

 Among the activities taking place in the province are the Amegeza Rallye, the second longest motorsport rally in the world; the Bloodhound Driving Experience (a simulator that replicates the experience of being in the cockpit of the world’s fastest car); the Pella Festival (which celebrates the Nama/Damara language and culture); the Green Kalahari Canoe Marathon; the Kamiesberg Flower Trail Run, which coincides with the blooming of the Namaqualand daisies; Lilizela Awards 2015; Kimberley Diamond Cup at Kumba Skate Plaza and many more, see our tourism month program.