Family fun – Extreme adventure

(Image: AutoMart)

Camel Rides

Although not native to southern Africa, camels were brought into the Northern Cape to be used by the police ‘mounties’ to patrol the greater Kalahari area before the days of 4x4s. The statue The Camel and Rider, in front of the police station in Upington, honours the those who patrolled the harsh desert territory on camelback.

Donkey Cart Rides

The donkey cart is a traditional mode of transport in these parts and although there are many modern vehicles on the roads of the Northern Cape, some of the population still relies on these beasts of burden to get around. Experience this novelty firsthand as the cart bumps along to the sound of clip-klopping hooves behind these gentle creatures.

Family Mountain Biking

Bring your bikes and cycle the trails in the Augrabies National Park. Kids will love splashing through the shallow water that runs over the causeways. The whole family can appreciate the unusual and striking scenery that is stark and magnificent, with the blue, blue sky above the gorge and the ever present Orange River juxtaposed against its surrounds.

Horse Riding

There’s something for everyone from novices to experienced riders. Explore the Kalahari in Tswalu Private Reserve, on horseback or opt for having the children lead gently around on a pony one of the many farms in the Northern Cape.

The Protea Diamond Lodge in Kimberley offers horse riding, as does the Horse and Mill Guest house in Colesberg in the Karoo.

Paddling Down the Orange river

Float, paddle, drift, raft and navigate the Orange River, through the arid and strikingly beautiful Richtersveld. Blue skies, warm weather and lapping water make for an allround spectacular outdoor experience for the whole family. Experienced tour operators such as Wildthing Adventures, Bushwacked and Felix Unite provide

Vanderkloof Dam

This, the second biggest dam with the highest dam wall in South Africa, is also a holiday resort. When the dam is full, it stretches a 100km long and is perfect for most watersports including sailing, skiing, and windsurfing. Angling is allowed at certain designated spots at the dam, which is brimming with catfish, carp and