Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

South Africa is resource-scarce country and all citizens are encouraged to be as eco-conscious as possible, no matter where they are. The Northern Cape is known for being a dry, semi-desert region with an incredibly unique eco-system. If you’re planning to travel around our gorgeous province, here’s how you can lower your overall impact on the environment.

Make sure you report leaks and water wastage

If you’re staying at a campsite or a guest house, do let management know about any leaking taps around the premises. Leaks are a huge drain on water resources and fixing them helps prevent overall wastage. Make sure you close your taps properly before you leave your accommodation. These small steps can help cut down on water wastage.

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(Image: tiburi)

Replace plastic water bottles with eco-friendly alternatives

Get rid of your plastic water bottles and switch to eco-friendly glass ones. Try to refrain from buying water in containers that are harmful to the environment as plastic waste often ends up in our rivers, lakes, dams and oceans.

Ditch the bath and have a shower

Take a short shower instead of lounging in a bath. Showers can use around 76 litres of water while baths can use around an average of 190 litres of water. Unless you’re throwing out that grey water onto plants, it’s wasteful to bath. Try to aim for a short five-minute shower when you’re on holiday and help save some water.

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Use eco-friendly cleaning and hygiene products

Use eco-friendly cleansing products and help make sure that the water that goes down the drain or onto plants isn’t harmful to the environment. Choose soaps with no harsh chemicals and try to bring along or make your own natural cleansers.

Only flush when necessary

Toilets use an extraordinary amount of water and it’s best to flush only when needed. Another great tip is to collect grey water when you shower and use this to fill the cistern. This way, there’s far less water being wasted with every flush. Get the whole family involved and make this a good habit that continues, whether you’re travelling the country or at home.

Every little bit counts to help our natural habitats. We look forward to having you in our beautiful province soon!