Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Artists of all ages are invited to take part in the Riverine Rabbit Thinking Path and Artist Residency from 10 to 17 April 2017, at the Aart Huis in Loxton.

In May last year, brother-and-sister duo Anni Snyman and PC Janse van Rensburg, with the help of other artists and community members in Loxton, created a permanent geoglyph, which is a combined drawing of the critically endangered riverine rabbit and the black-backed jackal. 

The Riverine Rabbit Thinking Path, as it’s known, is 104.5m long (from tail to toe) and 90m across (from ear to foot). In its entirety, the geoglyph is a walking path of about 1 097m – it will take you 25 minutes if you take a brisk walk along the entire path. 

Some of the art sessions will be held at the Thinking Path, and participants will be taught about conservation efforts around the riverine rabbit, as well as other animals and plant species.  

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