Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Jan Kempdorp – a town that once caused some confusion as it was the only town in South Africa that fell under two provinces – is a small wonder 98km north of Kimberley. And it's definitely worth a visit.

The town is known for its agriculture, which is mainly supported by the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme, one of the largest irrigation schemes in the world.

This small town has a rich, at times unpleasant, history (including its use as a concentration camp during World War II for Germans considered potentially dangerous). All this is well documented in the numerous museums the offer insight into the town.

Altes Schwimmbad Andalusia Jan Kempdorp
(Image: Robert.raderschatt)
Old swimming pool in the former internment camp

Today it has become a much-loved destination that is growing as a tourist attraction. Bird lovers are also in for a treat as Jan Kempdorp offers numerous birdwatching opportunities, while its natural surroundings make it a great spot for general game spotting, too.

If you wish to stay overnight, accommodation is not a problem. Eden Guest House, Skemerkelk Guesthouse, the Nutshell Guesthouse and Jan Kemp Hotel are just some of the options available.