Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Whether you pronounce it “Nowtville” as the locals do, or “knee-vote-ville”, one thing everyone can agree on is that Nieuwoudtville is pretty easy on the eye.

The streets of this Northern Cape town, which lies between Vanrhynsdorp and Calvinia just off the R27 road, are lined with sandstone buildings, and the area is known for its unique vegetation. Nieuwoudtville has the largest variety of indigenous bulbous plants in the world, earning it the status of the “world’s bulb capital”.

Ncta Waterfall
(Image: Damien du Toit)
The Nieuwoudtville Waterfall.

During spring different types of bulbs bloom around the town, producing a spectacle second to none. Another attraction is the Nieuwoudtville Waterfall, north of the town along the R357 road. The sight of the water tumbling some 100m from the Doring River is magnificent. 

For those who want to delve deeper and explore the natural beauty of the area, the  Hantam National Botanical Garden has nine different hiking trails, a picnic area and offers guided tours on safari vehicles.

Ncta Dutch
(Image: Ralph Malan)
The Dutch Reformed Church still stands.

Nieuwoudtville is also home to an ancient Dutch Reformed Church, one of the few remaining old sandstone churches in the country, which was built in the early 1900s.