Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Beyond basking in the sun on a beach or embarking on a thrilling adventure, travelling can involve a degree of introspection. Being out of our comfort zones and being exposed to different cultures can prompt us to change our outlooks.

It is this that has given rise to what is called "transformative travel", and according to experts in the travel industry, this type of travel is set to dominate the sector in 2017.

(Image: Northern Cape Tourism Authority )
Handmade curios.

The Transformational Travel Collaborative (TTC), a collective of individuals and organisations driving the notion of transformative travel, helps people transform their lives through intentional and meaningful travel experiences. The organisation provides resources, consultations and training to travel industry practitioners to help them create and facilitate transformational travel experiences.

With culture being one of the Northern Cape’s main attractions, the "province of extremes" is well positioned to cater to travellers looking to find deeper meaning from their travel experiences.

Indigenous communities, their cultures and demonstrations of their way of life often form part of the offerings at tourist attractions in the Northern Cape. The Pella Cultural Festival and Witdraai Bush Camp are some of the attractions that can provide visitors with memorable and life-changing experiences.

Visit us and explore transformational travel the way only the province of extremes can offer.

Red Dune2
(Image: Northern Cape Tourism Authority )
Locals along the Kalahari Red Dune Route.