(Image: Willers Baard)

The town is a settlement on the biggest island in the lower Orange River region. Virtually every inch of soil is under irrigation. Enjoy driving between the many vineyards, a spit-roast, home-baked breads, several traditional desserts and locally produced wines.

The origin of this little oasis’s name is in dispute. Legend has it that Klaas Lukas, a Koranna river-people leader, established a village on the banks of the Orange River near the Tier Mountains. He called the village Keimoes (mouse nest) after the colonies of mice living there.

A more probable origin lies in the Nama words ‘gei’ (great) and ‘mus’ (fountain or eye). Semantics aside, Keimoes is a picturesque little town often described as a lost piece of the Boland.

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