Architecture – Real culture

(Image: Mapio)

“Matjiehuis” Nama Huts

Within the folds and valleys of the Richtersveld mountain desert you can still find traditional Nama hut building taking place. Local men and women co-labour in the construction of these huts, making use of the building skills passed down from their forefathers.

Corbelled Houses

Scattered throughout the Northern Cape province you’ll find the roughly hewn Corbelled houses that where built by the trekboere (roaming farmers or pioneers). These stock farmers migrated from the south into the Karoo in the early 1800’s, to discover that trees where sparse and rocks aplenty. Consequently, they set about building shelter with the available raw materials.

Karoo Architecture

Take time out to explore the little towns of the Karoo and you will discover a unique style of architecture. There is a clear European influence in the architecture of these small towns, with many of the typical Karoo houses being very simplified versions of the popular Regency, Late Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian styles of the time.

St Cyprian’s Cathedral

The majestic St Cyprians adorns Du Toitspan road with the timeless beauty that many a cathedral imbues. This building has the longest nave of any church in South Africa, which is partially illuminated by the hues that emanate through its stained glass windows.