Museums and art galleries – Real culture

(Image: Lothar Himmel)

Colesberg Kemper Museum

A local cultural history museum and a fine example of 19th centaury Karoo architecture, the Kemper Museum was named after its primary benefactor, GL Kemper who donated his collection of artifacts to the Colesberg municipality in 1924 (these now belong to the Colesberg Historical Society).

McGregor Museum

The use of this building has metamorphosised over the years since its initial construction in 1897, when Cecil John Rhodes’ commissioned it as a sanatorium. As such, it served as his residence during the four-month siege of Kimberley and then it was refurbished and renamed the Hotel Belgrave.

William Humphrey’s Art Gallery

Situated in the Civic Centre in Kimberley, is a cultural oasis known as the William Humphrey’s Art Gallery – one of the finest gallery’s in South Africa.It displays 247 original drawings and engravings by French, Dutch, Flemish, English and Italian masters including Annibale Carracci, Stefano della Bella, Sir Anthony van Dyk, Sebastian Bourdon and Guercino amongst others.