(Image: Do Eagles Dare)


With almost year round sunny days and blue skies, the Northern Cape is an ideal flying destination. It is also one of the most affordable ways to see the country from the air and microlight flights over the many game reserves offer a non-traditional type of ‘safari’. With only a few seconds needed to accelerate into the air, it can reach the height of 1500ft and also swoop down low with ease to enable you to view game or the landscape up close.

Today’s microlight aircraft are faster, safer, easier to fly and more comfortable than ever before and a convenient way of seeing the province without needing the roads at all.

Kimberley Flying School:
Piet Becker
Tel: +27 (0)83 286 1189
Johan Jooste
Tel: +27 (0)82 804 4433
Email: automac@absamail.co.za 

NoordKaap ML Vliegskool (Kimberley)
Eric Palmer
Tel: +27 (0)53 1861 1579 

Eastern Flight Centre (Namaqualand)
Tel: +27 (0)255 8416/26 or +27 (0)83 284 3491 

UpingtonMicrolight Training Centre
Tel: +27 (0)54 331 1328 or +27 (0)82 717 2340
E-mail: eben@microlightkalahari.co.za