Northern Cape: Desert Knights Tour

March 29, 2017  — 
(Image: Desert Knights)

The epic seven-day Desert Knights Tour is back, and from 7 to 13 April 2017 mountain bikers will cycle and canoe their way through the Northern Cape’s |Ai­-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park.

The park, which straddles Namibia and South Africa, is a unique backdrop for a race that will see participants cycling through vast and remote desert terrain and canoeing on the mighty Orange River.

Taking it all in.

Taking it all in.  (Image: Desert Knights)

The race will start in the Namibian side of the park, at the Hobas Campsite, and end in South Africa at the Sendelingsdrift Camp.

Non-cycling participants are welcome to join in on the adventure for the same fee of R15 000 that cyclists pay. This fee covers tented camp accommodation, meals and drinks, activities and shuttles.

The road less travelled.

The road less travelled.  (Image: Desert Knights)

The |Ai­|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park is home to a host of plant, mammal and bird species, including some that are found only in the Southern African region, so there'll be plenty to explore.