Northern Cape: Namaqua Coastal Route

May 31, 2017  — 

The word Namaqualand usually conjures up images of carpets of flowers that cover parts of the province of extremes come spring.

However, there’s more to this region than the wildflowers that bloom in springtime and draw onlookers from all corners of the world.

The Namaqua Coastal Route is in the centre of the Succulent Karoo biodiversity hotspot extending from the Northern Cape to parts of southern Namibia. It’s home to more than 6 000 plant species, 40% of which are found nowhere else in the world. 

All revved up.

All revved up.   (Image: South Africa Tourism)

The route runs along the coast from Groen River to Port Nolloth and it’s ideal for a tranquil and scenic getaway. Thrill seekers will also have their share of adventure on the rugged terrain with four-by-four rides, mountain biking and hiking trails.

Keen to try the hearty local cuisine? Vera’s Kookskerm near Leliefontein should do the trick. It’s recommended that you book a guided tour to unearth this route's treasures.

For bookings and more information on the Namaqua Coastal Route, call +27 (0)27 672 1752.