Five romantic getaways in the Northern Cape

The warm season has arrived and it’s the ideal time to book a romantic getaway to celebrate an anniversary, or just to take some much-needed time out. Here are our top Northern Cape picks ...

Bloodhound supersonic car wows the public for the first time

The fastest race car in the history of humankind rolled out for the first time in public on Thursday 26 October 2017 – the Bloodhound SSC (supersonic car) reached speeds of 321.8km/h (200mph) on the Cornwall Airport Newquay runway in the United Kingdom.

Northern Cape: Port Nolloth

If you’re looking for a quaint seaside village to wind down and relax, or a place to rejuvenate your senses with exciting outdoor adventures, Port Nolloth is the place for you.

Northern Cape: ‡Khomani Cultural Landscape launch

Following the inscription of the ‡Khomani Cultural Landscape as a World Heritage Site in July this year, the national and provincial governments and South African National Parks (SANParks) officials have marked this historic occasion with the launch of the landscape under its new title.

The Northern Cape shows off at the Lilizela Tourism Awards

The Northern Cape boasts an abundance of award-winning destinations and venues, and this year’s Lilizela Tourism Awards provincial winners are a case in point. In celebration of World Tourism Day, here are the shining stars that have done the Northern Cape tourism industry proud ...

​Northern Cape national parks – on the house

With just a week and a half left of Tourism Month, we’re still celebrating in a big way. South African National Parks Week is an annual initiative, where a number of national parks offer free entrance for a week in an effort to connect ordinary people with the country’s parks. The offer at most parks ends on 22 September, but a few have added an extra day or two, so hurry to catch it!

Northern Cape: flower season wrap-up

The purple vygies are blossoming, signalling an end to the Namaqua flower season. The winter rains the spring flowers depend on to flourish didn’t occur this year, so instead of the floral carpets the province of extremes is known for, there have been only patches of blooms.

Celebrating Tourism Month in the Northern Cape

To support the aim of the theme, “We Do Tourism Sustainably”, the NCTA and partners will embark on a series of activities during Tourism Month that showcase how sustainable tourism can benefit our communities.

Tourism Month special offers

The Northern Cape is celebrating Tourism Month in September with an exciting line-up of unique tourism activities and events hosted throughout the province.

Northern Cape Tourism Month Routes and Events

The United Nations has declared 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. In South Africa and in the Northern Cape, the theme is “We Do Tourism Sustainably”. This provides an enormous opportunity for destinations to harness the contribution of tourism for economic growth, job creation, social inclusion, and cultural and environmental preservation.

Northern Cape: flower season hotspots

Want to take your Northern Cape flower season experience up a notch? We’ve rounded up a few reserves in the province of extremes where you can stroll amid the flowers, enjoy adrenaline-pumping adventures and take in the spectacular views.

Northern Cape: flower season update

The winter rainfalls that lead to the Northern Cape flower season between August and September were delayed this year, meaning there’s more time for you to experience this colourful spectacle.

Discover Sutherland

What comes to mind when you hear “Sutherland”? That cold place? Snow? Stars? None of these are wrong, but there is so much more to this almost mythical town.

Northern Cape flower season: where to spot the blooms

The Northern Cape’s flower season (August to mid-September) turns the whole province into a colourful canvas. We’ve rounded up areas across the province of extremes that are ideal for viewing and experiencing the flower season, a phenomenon that attracts tourists and professional photographers from all over the world.

Learners inspired during National Science Week

Mathematics and science create myriad opportunities for future careers that can ultimately promote science tourism. This was the key message of a recent Northern Cape Tourism Authority presentation to Kimberley learners.