Northern Cape: flower season

The spring flowers have yet to make their appearance in many areas, so don’t worry if you’ve not yet made arrangements for your visit to the province of extremes.

Northern Cape: the flower season in pictures

In case you have not yet made arrangements to head to the province of extremes to experience the flower season in all its specular beauty, here are some visitors' pictures that will show you why it’s best to get cracking.

Northern Cape: Wonderwerk Cave walkway project

Entries to the inaugural 2017 Africa Architecture Awards are open and the Northern Cape’s Wonderwerk Cave walkway project is right up there competing with the best architectural designs on the continent. 

Northern Cape: hot winter specials

Looking for cosy weekend accommodation or dining experiences to heat things up this winter? The province of extremes has you covered – we’ve rounded up a few winter specials for you and the family to enjoy.

Northern Cape: Riemvasmaak Hot Springs

The Riemvasmaak Hot Springs are one of the many natural wonders in the province of extremes. Located between the Orange and Molopo rivers in Riemvasmaak, the hot springs are surrounded by granite cliffs, and offer spectacular views of the mountain desert and wilderness.

Northern Cape: Karoo Highlands Route

Vast expanses of rugged terrain and fascinating cultural heritage sites and relics make the Karoo Highlands Route a great spot to relax, recharge and reflect.

Northern Cape: real culture

Travelling in the province of extremes is more than just enjoying the scenic views and getting your dose of adrenaline through thrilling desert adventures. The Northern Cape also offers visitors fascinating cultural experiences.

Northern Cape: Kokerboom Food and Wine Route

There’s another long weekend coming up, at the end of this month. Why not make the most of it and explore the Northern Cape’s Kokerboom Food and Wine Route? Whether you’re looking for a family getaway, a leisurely day trip or thrilling desert adventures, you’ll find it all here.