Winter essentials for your adventures in the Northern Cape

June 29, 2018  — 
(Image: Pixabay)

Winter ... a time to bring out all the blankets, boots and balaclavas that will keep us warm from the bitter cold. But that doesn’t mean you should put the fun things in life on ice. You can still have a wonderful time creating long-lasting memories in the Northern Cape – but make sure you don’t leave home without the following essentials for your backpacker’s adventures ...

The right winter wear

You may be mentally prepared to conquer the snow-seasoned fields of Sutherland, but how ready are you physically? Can your body withstand the arctic atmosphere? Well, unless you are taking part in some death-defying challenge, please be reminded to suit up in the right hats, jackets, trousers and boots.

When backpacking, you will be exposed to extremely cold temperatures and unforgiving conditions. Which is why you will need to be covered in thick materials from head to foot. A heavyweight wool beanie can help keep the chills at bay, while a puffy insulated jacket and hardshell pants can make frigid weather more tolerable.

It’s in your best interests to dress for situations where you won’t be generating heat from being in motion, like when you decide to stop for a short break.


.  (Image: Pixabay.)

Power bank and travel apps

You are probably on holiday to get away from the buzzing noise of the city and hectic streets of social media, but be prepared to bring a phone along in case of any emergencies. Keep the smartphone on silent but have it remain active. There are travel apps like Google Maps that you could use offline to guide you on your trip and help keep you safe. You might want to occasionally check your phone for weather alerts that could affect the routes you want to explore.

A power bank is the fuel station that will help keep the phone running. Make sure you have extra power to help stay connected and help you find your way.

Necessary food

Several guest houses in the Northern Cape offering catering services will be more than happy to assist you in ensuring that you pack some healthy snacks with nutritional value – foods that can provide the body with the necessary proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Simple sandwiches and fruits are good sources of such basic organic compounds.

Don't forget to also bring along warm beverages (tea or coffee) in a flask and lots of water to help your body temperature remain stable, hydrated and energised.

You probably are already familiar with the gear needed for an excursion, but it would do you a great deal of good to accept our help with ticking off these essentials on the checklist. Also remember to pack everything you need on time. You’ll thank us later.


.  (Image: Pixabay.)