Kalahari Red Dune Route

Winding through the Khalahari, from just north of Upington all the way into the Kglagadi Transfrontier Park, the Red Dune Route drifts from Guest House to Game Farm in a pleasurable combination of unlimited hospitality and arresting scenery.

Karoo Highlands Route

Ever yearned for a space so vast that the horizon continues into the future? Or to see the stars so clearly you feel that you touch them? The Karoo Highlands Route is where you can experience such uniqueness. The area is renowned for the hospitality of its farming community. Whether you’ll be admiring the inimitability of the corbelled houses or looking back in time at the Gansfontein Palaeo Surface, your heart will surely be touched by this region as never before.

Kimberley Diamond Route

Owned by companies traditionally associated with diamond mining – namely De Beers, E Oppenheimer & Son and Ponahalo Holdings – the Diamond Route refers to a series of properties that have been set aside for conservation and tourism. Many have accommodation, ranging from luxurious lodges to camping, and offer a range of wildlife and outdoor activities.

Kokerboom Food & Wine Route

The Kokerboom Food and Wine Route is a tourism route that highlights some of the attractions that can be found along the stretch of the river, including activities, accommodation, restaurants and sightseeing. 

Namakwa Coastal Route

Breathtaking scenes of the Atlantic Ocean on the one side with occasional sightings of dolphins and whales and the endemic wildlife of the enraptured veld on the other.

Tours to the Diamond Coast are mostly guided and 4x4's are needed to explore it in full.

The Quiver Tree Route

The Quiver Tree Route is a land of contrasts between stark fawn arid land and verdant green vineyards. The Great Gariep, known more commonly as the Orange River, winds through the landscape and brings life to the surrounding partched earth.

The Richtersveld Route

The Richtersveld is a vast and unforgiving environment, stark and dramatic yet strikingly beautiful. This route is for the self-sufficient 4x4er only and it is highly recommended that you travel in a convoy as you traverse this largely uninhabited part of the Northern Cape.