A pristine southern Kalahari wilderness area with dunes averaging 35m in height – breathtaking scenery you’ll never forget. The municipal area of Mier includes the communities of Rietfontein, Philandersbron, Loubos, Klein Mier, Groot Mier, Welkom, Askham and Noenieput.

This is the land of one of the world’s ancient tribes, the !Khomani San. They produce and sell authentic curios like bow and arrows, beads made out of the ostrich egg shells and animal skin bags. The Askham community developed around the school which was built in 1931, and the Dutch Reformed Church that serves the whole Kalahari.

The Scottish land surveyor, Rodger Jackson, gave Askham its name when he surveyed farms in the Kuruman river in 1919. Some say that Jackson named Askham after a town on the Irish coast, others say he took the name from a farmer’s words: “Ask him”, or from the message he sent to request ingredients for his breakfast: “Ask ham”!


4×4 Trails

On the farm Pulai. Bookings at 054 531 0928

Kalahari 4×4 Trail

This tough 250km trail can be done in two or three days. A thatch and reed hut complete with flush toilet, running water and bar, sleeps eight people. Bookings at tel 054 338 0375.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

The biggest attraction in the Northern Cape (in every way). See Parks and Reserves for more information.

Loch Maree

Twenty-four kilometres in circum-ference, the largest unworked saltpan in the world is 300km from Upington, on the far side of Noenieput. Tel 054902 ask for 913330.


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