Each spring the dormant arid winter lands come alive with a flamboyant spread of wild flowers including many rare, unique and endangered plants. Adapting to a climate defying all life, they survive and thrive in a beautiful land of blistering extremes.

Track the Old Copper Way and soak yourself in the colourful histories of towns deeply rooted in a proud mining tradition; Ponder the reasoning of treasure seekers of old who were prepared to die for the chance of newfound mineral wealth; Take a raft or canoe trip on the Orange River through deep canyons; Take your 4×4 on an adventure in the haunting moonscapes of the sawtoothed mountains of the |Ai|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park; Enjoy the cultural interaction of the Nama people whilst taking a donkey ride in Eksteenfontein; Experience the wonder of the star-studded night, from the South African Astronomical Observatory in Sutherland; Wrap yourself in an aura of timeless serenity at a solitary, palm-fringed cathedral in Pella.

The land of the Nama is a land of mystery, magic and contrasts where the indescribable beauty has been molded by an unforgiving climate.

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This region combines the unspoilt expanses of Namaqualand and Hantam Karoo – a region of exquisite natural beauty and contrast. Each spring it is transforms into a flamboyant spread of wild flowers. The region is further home to two meandering routes taking the visitor to the many smaller hamlets and communities to explore and discover.

Town information

Namakwa Region
Northern Cape Tourism Authority +27(0)53 492 0311
Namakwa Tourism Office: +27 (0)712 8034/5
Richtersveld Route: +27(0) 83 325 7261
Namaqua Coastal Route: +27(0) 82 827 9723
Namaqua National Park: +27(0) 27 672 1948
/Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park: +27(0) 27 831 1506
Goegap Nature Reserve: +27(0) 27 718 9906
Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve: +27(0) 27 218 1159
Calvinia Tourism Office: +27(0) 27 341 8131
Email: [email protected]



is the largest town of the region and its mining history, flora and connection to the Second Boer War makes it a rich hub of natural and cultural heritage. It is still widely used as a stopover for those traveling between South Africa and Namibia on the Cape to Namibia Route.


Monument Koppie

A historical site, graves and landmark commemorating the early skirmishes of General Jan Smuts and the English army during the Anglo Boer War.

Blue Copper Mine

Copper was discovered in this area as early as 1685 and the start of commercial mining in South Africa.

Dutch Reformed Church

A national monument built in 1902 is also known as the “Klip Kerk” or stone church as it is built of local stone of the area. For tours contact+ 27 (0)27 712 8035/6

Goegap Nature Reserve

bursts into a riot of vivid colors every Spring. The reserve offers 7km Myers Hiking Trail that allow every visitor to enjoy, not only the flowers but also the birdlife and other wildlife of the area.

Springbok Museum and Info

The old synagogue now houses the town museum and information on the early history of the town and mining. Contact: +27 (0)78 212 4634.

Smelting Furnace

reminiscence of the mining past of the town it is the oldest of its kind in Southern Africa. It has been out of use since 1871.

Alexander Bay

is named after Sir James Edward Alexander who in the 1860’s began exporting copper until 1875. Diamonds were discovered in 1926 and gave new life to the town.



Diving, angling, windsurfing, river rafting and horse riding on the beach.


Excellent birdwatching at the Ramsar site at the Orange River Estuary with over 75 000 species of water birds.

Namakwa 4 x 4 Trails

It is a one-way trail that starts near the historical little town of Pella, and stretches along the Orange River, all the way to Alexander Bay.

Orange River Mouth

Beautiful sea and riverscapes as the mighty Orange river meets the Atlantic Ocean.


is the second largest town of the area and in the center of the country’s largest wool and meat producing areas.


Akkerendam Nature Reserve

features a variety of hiking trails, game viewing, bird watching, including the rare Cinnamon-breasted Warbler
and the rare sterboom (star tree). Contact: +27 (0)27 341 8131.

The Calvinia Museum

is based in the Art Deco synagogue and houses a collection portraying early European settler.
Contact: +27 (0) 27 341 1043.

Calvinia Post Box

at 6meters tall is the largest post box in the world. Each letter posted from here receives a unique hand stamped flower as a decoration.


is a settlement in the Richtersveld World Heritage site and is a thriving close-knit community.


Rooiberg Conservancy

Guided hikes and walks to see a wide variety of succulents, some very rare. Also guided 4×4 routes.
Contact: +27 (0)27 712 8035/6.

Mountain Biking Trails

The Ai Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier park is mountain biking heaven and offers over a few hundred kilometres of trails on both sides of the Orange River, with Donkey Trial on of the most famous and it is part of Day 6 of the Desert Knights MTB Adventure. Contact: +27 (0)82 466 1251.


origins lie in the 1860s, 7km north of its present position where it was re-stablished in 1924.



A guide steeped in Namakwa knowledge offers hikes on uncharted trails. Tel: +27 (0)27 672 1948


A settlement south of Kamieskroon where flowers carpet the veld in season

Leliefontein Methodist Church and Parsonage

Both national monuments in Namakwa’s oldest village. In 1902 Boer leader Manie Maritz massacred members of the Leliefontein mission community that were suspected of being British sympathisers.

Lt DJ Darter’s Grave

The grave of a British officer killed during the Anglo-Boer War, Darter’s grave – 15km south of the town – is the smallest piece of foreign land registered in South Africa, in an area that saw many skirmishes during the war.

Mountain Biking

The mountainous area offers great mountain biking trails with splendid scenic beauty.

Namaqua National Park

This 103 000-ha park, 21km north-west of Kamieskroon, is open daily. A circular drive and short walking trails let the visitor experience the incredible floral diversity of the area. Ablution and picnic facilities, overnight chalets and seasonal flower.
Tel: +27 (0)27 6721948.


The settlement is situated in the heart of the Kamiesberg. The Cultural Camp offers tourists a unique experience. There are matjies huts and traditional meals are available on request.
Tel: +27 (0)27 341 1927.


is considered to be the bulb capital of the world and a town with many hidden treasures.


The Hantam National Botanical Garden

Take a guided tour to view
more than 500 000 endemic Bulbinella. Contact: +27 (0) 27 218 1200.

Matjiesfontein Farmstall

to enjoy tea and light snacks in a historical building surrounded by a variety of wild flowers.
Contact: +27 (0) 27 218 1217.

Nieuwoudtville Falls

on the Doring River is an awesome natural wonder.
Contact: Nieuwoudtville Tourism Office +27 (0) 27 218 1336.

Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve

just 16km from Nieuwoudtville offers a variety of walking trails and day hikes. Contact: +27 (0) 27 218 1159.

Nababeep and Okiep

North of Springbok the small hamlets, Nababeep and Okiep are Nama words referring to springs. Similarly, both towns played an important part in copper mining of the 19th century and Nababeep is still home to the Okiep Copper Company and copper mining activities.


Mining Museum

charts the copper boom. Clara, a narrow-gauge steam locomotive used to rail copper ore to Port Nolloth, is on display.
Contact: +27(0)27 718 1202.

Anglo-Boer War .

remnants of this war can be seen in the hills surrounding Okiep, Crow’s Nest Blockhouse, Fort Shelton and the 6-pounder gun. Graffiti, casualties of war laid to rest in the Okiep graveyard. Contact: +27(0)82 569 7158

Cornish Pump House

a steam engine which is fully intact and the only remaining pump house of its sort in the Southern Hemisphere, were used from 1882 to pump water from the mine. Contact: +27(0)82 569 7158.

Pella and Poffadder

Pella is an oasis at the base of the Great Pella Mountains in the dry, dusty desert and well known for its gemstones such as malachite, jasper and rose quartz. Poffadder is one of South Africa’s most iconic towns. Founded in 1875 as a mission station by Reverend Christian Schröder it was named after the Koranna chief Klaas Pofadder.


4x4 Trail

Contact Namakwa 4×4 Exploration.
Contact: +27 (0)27 712 8035/6.

Pella Catholic Cathedral

Built over seven years by Fathers JM Simon and Leo Wolf, both of whom are buried in the church’s grounds, they used a drawing from an encyclopaedia as guide.

Pella Mission Station

Founded by the London Missionary Society in 1814. A sanctuary for Khoisan driven out of Namibia, the village was named after the one that gave refuge to Christians in Macedonia in biblical times.

4x4 Trail

Namakwa 4×4 Exploration. Tel: +27 (0)27 712 8035/6

Klein Pella

is the largest export date farm in the Southern Hemisphere

Pofadder Hiking Trail

Contact: +27 (0)54 933 0066.


The Richtersveld is South Africa’s only mountain desert and the route travels along rugged gravel roads to quaint towns such as Eksteensfontein, Sendelingsdrift, Lekkersing, Kuboes and Sandrift. The Orange River presents a more leisurely pace with river rafting and the best wilderness fly-fishing in South Africa, while the entire Richtersveld is a mountain biker’s dream.


A visit to the /Ai-/Ais Richtersverld Transfrontier Park is a must for your Bucket list. Conjure up a desolate and forbidding landscape hiding a treasure-chest containing the world’s richest desert flora.

do not miss the renovated Dutch Reformed Church which houses artwork from famous South African artists and the Rhenish Mission Station was established and in 1821.


along the mighty Orange River is a bucket-list experience: Drift along in the golden African sunshine and watch the scenery unfolds along the banks. Join one of several river operators for ½ to multi day river experiences suitable for the entire family.

Richtersveld Botanical and Cultural Landscape

rediscover the wisdom, customs and folklore of this ancient tribe in a ½ to multi day tour experience – Bucket List Experience!


is near the border post to Namibia and offers several camp sites on the banks of the Orange River.


The route includes hidden gems like Garies, Kamieskroon, Hondeklip Bay, Koiingnaas and Kleinzee. Dozens of adventure and leisure options are available along this mostly coastal route., Namaqua National Park, nature reserves, hidden coastal hamlets, and some of the most remote hiking and 4×4 trails imaginable will offer many a family and “bucket list” experiences.


Explore the countless shipwrecks along the coast line on a five-day slow packing guided trip with great sightings of dolphins, whales and land animals – a bucket list experience.

Port Nolloth

a quaint coastal resort town well known for diamonds and cray-fishing industries.

Vera’s Kookskerm

for traditional meals include veldkos like melkkluitjies (milk dumplings), pofadder derm (liver sausage), skilpadjies (liver in kidney fat) afval (tripe) and those warm, tasty roosterkoek.

McDougall’s Bay

just south of Port Nolloth this is a popular for camping, boating, fishing and cray fishing.


is about 100km south from Port Nolloth and this hamlet is well-known for its oyster and abalone exports

The abundant bird life at the Buffel’s River estuary offers is a must do for birders.
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Encounter magnificent herds of oryx, encounter the mighty Kalahari lion. The largest conservation area within Africa it is also home to a Dark skies’ sanctuary and home to the Khomani Cultural Landscape Heritage Site. Contact +27 (0)54 452 9200

Kleinzee Shipwreck

4×4 Tour is a fantastic trek over the dune field exploring the famed ships that found a watery end. Book at the Kleinzee Museum, also worth a visit. The shipwreck tour is offering a choice between a guided or self -drive 4×4 trip between Kleinzee and Koingnaas. – A definite Bucket list Experience!

Hondeklip Bay

is further down the coast line and known for its peace tranquillity and breath-taking scenery offering a real escape from the busy urban life

the Dog Stone

after which the village was named and the famed Aristea Shipwreck of 1945 – a haunting remnant of yesteryear.

Spitfire Rock

creates a breath-taking and dramatic Instagram able backdrop for photographs of dramatic water sprays as huge waves hit the rock face. A definite add on for your “bucket list” of the Northern Cape.



The official borderpost to Namibia. There are several camp sites on the banks...

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Established in 1858 and named after a prominent Worcester cleric, Reverend Henry

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