Spring flowers have started blooming in Namaqua National Park. Below is an update supplied by Bernard van Lente, the park manager.

“We have had some warm days the past week and the Skilpad area suddenly came to life. It is currently looking good for the remainder of the season, particularly if we get more rain.

“The lower lying areas of the park, in particular Soebatsfontein, Kookfontein and the Wildeperdehoek area, are looking incredible and it is the best this area has been for many a year. A multitude of species is flowering all at once, with vygies and beetle daisies being very noticeable. These particular areas are accessible on gravel roads of average condition – but is worth the drive.

“The coastal area in the park (Groen river to Spoeg river) is looking better and better. Visitors are guaranteed of viewing good flowers, particularly vygies, in this area. Please note that the coastalsection of Namaqua NP can only be visited with a 4×4.

“The Caracal Ecoroute in Namaqua National Park is definitely the way to go at this stage when visiting the park. Visitors will see a wide variety of flowers, from the mountains to the coast. It is essential to get the guide booklet at one of our offices if you intend doing this route. The route takes all day and a 4×4 is essential due to some sandy stretches along the coast.

“Around the park there are reports of very good flowers at Spoeg river and Wallekraal, and along the Hondeklip Bay road and Groen river road.”

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