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The Northern Cape Province will be proudly showcasing its own motoring activities at the upcoming Top Gear Festival, which will take over the Moses Madiba Stadium in Durban from 21-23 June 2014.

South Africa’s largest province has recently proven itself the ideal destination for petrol heads and motoring enthusiasts and both the Bloodhound Project and the Kalahari Desert Speedweek will feature at the Northern Cape stand during the show.

Visitors to this motoring extravaganza can get a taste of the lightning speed of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car as it propels itself down the shimmering sands of Hakskeenpan in the Northern Cape, when it attempts to set a world landspeed record next year.In 2015, the Northern Cape Province will host the Bloodhound Supersonic Car when it attempts to break the current world landspeed record at the renowned Hakskeenspan before returning in 2016 to attempt a new world record of 1600km/h.  Hakskeenpan was selected from hundreds of potential sites across the globe and since the initiation of the project in 2009, the provincial government has put its full support behind this headline grabbing effort.  

Festival goers can put their feet on the throttle and glimpse into the world of former RAF fighter pilot Andy Green and his experience during the record breaking attempt as part of the Bloodhound Driving Experience, which will be on display during the festival.  A scale model of the car as well as one of the car’s wheels and several other interactive tools will also be on hand. 

The Bloodhound project has already captured the attention of Top Gear’s James May and the affectionately named Captain Slow has even machined two small components for the world’s fastest car on his home lathe.  These components are currently undergoing rigorous quality checking at the Bloodhound technical centre in Bristol, England.

From 20 – 27 September, the traditional serenity of the Kalahari will be shattered by the roar of revving engines and screaming brakes as hundreds of speed freaks put their vehicles’ horsepower to tes when the Kalahari Desert Speedweek returns to Hakskeenpan for the third consecutive time.  Styled on the legendary Bonneville Speedweek, the time trial event was the first of its kind on the African continent.  Thousands of motoring enthusiasts are once again expected to descend on the desert site with vehicles ranging from pre-war classics to modern-day supercars and superbikes to set the fastest speed over the prescribed distance.

Be sure not to miss this and other exciting events hosted in the Northern Cape  by going to and check out the events calendar and book your trips.

According to Sharron Lewis, CEO of the Northern Cape Tourism Authority, these extreme events are contributing to the province’s reputation as a premier destination for adventure and extreme sports and have contributed to significant tourism growth in the province.  “Last year, the province experienced a 23% year-on-year growth in attendance across all events, which include flagship sporting events such as these as well as community events supported by the tourism authority.  The unique Northern Cape geography positions the province perfectly for successfully hosting these type of events and attracting a new tourism audience to our province, which was evident in the attendance figures of over 140 000 event participants and visitors recorded in 2013.  In addition, it also brings global media attention to the region and makes a significant socio-economic contribution in terms of financial impact and job creation in and around the isolated Mier community.  The community beneficiation strategies attached to these events also include improved infrastructure and access to technology,” explains Lewis.

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