On the south bank of the Orange River at the foot of the Doringberg, it was originally named Prieschap, a Khoisan word meaning ‘place of the lost she-goat’.

The site of the town, founded in 1882 and renowned for its semiprecious stones, was a fording place used by early travellers.


Die Bos Nature Reserve

Indigenous trees, shrubs and abundant bird life, picnic spots and angling. Suspended bridges cross the Prieska River. Tel 053 353 3059.


On top of Prieska Koppie, built with tiger’s eye by the British during the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902).

Green Valley Nuts

Cultivation and export of Pistachio Nuts.

Hiking Trails

The Oranjezicht and T’Keikamspoort hiking trails are 10km south of town in the Doornberge.

Khoisan Rock Art

Kleindoring Tel 053 353 3064; Omdraaisvlei Tel 053 353 3334; Uitdraai Tel 053 353 1998 and Wonderdraai Tel 053 353 3075.

Memorial Garden

In town, it contains graves of British soldiers killed during the Anglo-Boer War.

Prieska Museum

A skillful display of the yesteryear Prieska.

Ria Huysamen Aloe Garden

A large array of succulents. The area between Prieska and Vioolsdrif is often called the ‘Rock Garden Route’ – the rare halfmens and succulents of the Lithops family are found here.

Schumann Rock Collection

Includes semiprecious stones and San stone implements at the municipal offices.


A wonderful freak of nature where a horseshoe-shaped island is formed by the flow of the Orange River and makes it seem as if the river turns to flow uphill.

Town information


Victoria Str Prieska 8940 Tel 053 353 5300


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