Vast tracts of bleak, shimmering semidesert contrast dramatically with lush green vineyards filling the Orange River’s fertile valleys. The region is further home to two meandering routes taking the visitor to the smaller hamlets and communities to explore and discover.

Town information

Green Kalahari Region
Northern Cape Tourism Authority +27(0)53 492 0311
Dawid Kruiper Tourism Office: +27 (0)54 338 7019
Augrabies Falls National Park: +27 (0)54 452 9200
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park: +27 (0)54 561 2000
Kalahari Red Dune Route: +27 (0)82 785 1600
Quiver Tree Route: +27 (0)84 244 4408.
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The second biggest town in the province and a former mission station. It is a contrasting sight of lush emerald green vineyards against the semi desert reds of the Kalahari Desert


Upington 26 Monument

This monument in the township of Paballelo commemorates the role that the Upington 26 played in the fight against oppression and apartheid during the 80’s

Camel and donkey monuments

The monuments commemorate the crucial role these domestic animals played in the history of the region.

Date Palm Avenue

Found at the entrance to Die Eiland Resort it is one of the longest palm avenues in the Southern Hemisphere – 1. 4km long.

Kalahari Oranje Museum Complex

Originally built as a church and mission station it now houses the museum.
Contact: +27 (0) 82 3362785.

Sakkie se Arkie Sunset Cruise

Watch as the setting sun turn the mighty Orange river in molten gold. Contact: +27 (0)82 564 5447

South African Dried Fruit Co-operative

The second largest fruit cooperative in the world and just the right place to stock up on dried fruit
delicacies. Contact: +27 (0) 54 337 2300.

Orange River Wine Tasting Rooms

The world’s second largest cooperative has an impressive tasting room in the town centre.
Contact: +27 (0)54 495 0040.

Augrabies and Marchand

are two of the smaller towns of the region situated on the banks of the Orange River and surrounded by lush green vineyards.


Augrabies National Park

named by the Khoi people “Aukoerebis” is the place of great noise. It is home to the Augrabies Falls, the world’s six largest waterfall which thunders down the 18km abyss of the Orange River Gorge.

17 great adventures await visitors at the park which includes hiking, biking, 4×4 trails, kayaking, fly-fishing, incredible Instagram-able points along the gorge walk. The night drive is a must, experience the secretive and somewhat mystical world of the nocturnal animals.


founded in 1936 is the farming and administrative centre of the Orange River Valley, east of Upington.


Boegoeberg Holiday Resort

Offers luxury self-catering chalets, hiking, fishing, canoeing, skiing and sailing.
Contact: +27 (0)83 257 4730.

Witsand Game Reserve

Experience the roaring sands of the Kalahari, game drives, sand surfing and incredible birdwatching.
Contact: +27 (0)83 656 2117

Kakamas and Keimoes

are quaint towns in the fertile valley in the Lower Orange River, and are famous for their table grapes which is exported


Die Pienk Padsta

Foodies can enjoy typical Northern Cape farm produce crafts and light refreshments at this memorable local spot.
Contact +27(0)83 381 9272.

Kalahari Sushi

Known far and wide around the world Find them at the Kalahari Getaway Hotel. Contact +27(0)54 431 0838.

Akkerboom Padstal

Situated between Kakamas and Keimoes this stylish padstal is set amidst a setting of lush vineyards. Contact +27
(0)82 534 7433.


is an old restored working waterwheel in the centre of the Keimoes which pumps water from the Gariep River to farms in the area. Located on the main street

Sunset Vineyard Safari

Explore the hundred islets of Keimoes in an open vehicle and a sundowner as the sun set behind the Tierberg mountain. Contact +27 (0)82 743 1736.

Tierberg Nature Reserve

The 160 hectares Nature Reserve features abundant aloes, succulents and is home to enormous herds of springbok. Contact +27 (0)82 743 1736

World War 1 War Memorial

The battle of Kakamas took place in 1915 and consisted of 3 skirmishes between German and Allied Forces. A memorial marks the location of the battle.


North West of the little town of Kakamas and bordering the Augrabies National Park is the Riemvasmaak Community Conservancy, 75 000
hectares of land between the flowing Orange and dry Molopo rivers. Pronounced ‘reem fuss mark’, meaning ‘tighten the strap’, the conservancy is the very first land restitution story. In the 1960s there was an enforced removal of the residents of this beautiful mountain desert wilderness – mostly Damara and Koranna Khoi tribes – by the then Apartheid government. Roughly 1500 people were divided into three groups according
to their ‘racial’ classification and sent to either Welcome wood in the Ciskei, Khorixas in Northern Namibia, or the nearby towns of Marchand, Augrabies and Keimoes. A little after 1994 the current government chose to return this land to the children of the original residents. Contact Riemvasmaak Tourism: +27 (0)78 314 5565.



There are challenging 4×4 trails, several hiking trails, impressive rock climbing and abseiling (bring your own equipment though)


The black eagle breeds here, the fish eagle is often sighted and the while pale-winged starlings are prolific.

Natural Beauty

Riemvasmaak is 75 000ha of sheer mountain desert wilderness with imposing mountains, extensive desert plains and a wilderness born from violent volcanic activity millions of years ago, but it is a land of beauty that takes on spiritual proportion. Indigenous camel
thorn and shepherd’s trees; and wildlife that includes creatures from hyraxes (also known as dassies) to antelope and baboon.

Riemvasmaak Hot Springs

invites visitors to relax in the natural wonder of these therapeutic waters. Cliff faces surround the springs, towering 80 metres over those that are delighting in the warmth ofthe waters below. Two swimming pools have been constructed at the springs.


Named after the indigenous quiver tree, the Quiver Tree Route stretches along the mighty Orange River. It features quaint towns of Upington, Kakamas, Keimoes, Augrabies, Marchand, Kanoneiland, Kenhardt and Riemvasmaak. The route will appeal greatly to families, adventure and adrenaline seekers with activities such as river rafting, fly fishing, kayaking, river cruises, 4×4, hiking, MTB trails and excellent bird watching. With the longest wine producing area in the Southern Hemisphere there are many opportunities for world class wine and brandy tasting along the route. Contact Details: +27 (0)84 244 4408.


Riemvasmaak hot springs and hikes

Contact +27 (0)78 314 5565

Adventure experiences such as river rafting, fly fishing, kayaking, river cruises, hiking and excellent bird watching at Khamkirri.
Contact +27 (0)84 244 4408.

Excellent wine cellars along the route:

Bezalel Wine and Brandy Tasting – contact: +27 (0)83 257 4736.
Die Mas Wine Tasting – contact: +27 (0)71 015 7131.
Orange River Wine Tasting – contact: +27 (0)54 495 0040.
Vineyard safari and sundowner tour – contact: +27 (0)82 743 1736.


Golden dunes, wide-open skies and flat-topped acacia trees epitomize the Kalahari Red Dune Route. Stretching from Upington right to the Namibian border, visitors traverse the villages of Ashkam, Groot and Klein Mier and Rietfontein. Adventure-loving families and adrenaline seekers can enjoy dune hikes at dawn, eagle- owl encounters, close encounters with meerkats, sand duning and surfing in the red sand,. Be sure to visit the newest world heritage site, Khomani Cultural Landscape Heritage Site. Contact Details:
+27 (0)82 785 1600.


Khomani San (Bushmen) Experience – rediscover the wisdom, customs and folklore of this ancient tribe with Vinkies Tours,
Contact 27(0)72 977 0120.

Diamond T Coffee shop

Great local fare and home baked delicacies, locally created arts and crafts. Contact: +27 54 511 0025.

Aunt Koera’s Farm Kitchen

on the R360 between Askham and Andriesvale for traditional cuisine. Contact+27 83 588 8346.

Kalahari Info & Tented Camp

They offer 4×4 dune experiences including sunset tours and dinners, accommodation and great local cuisine. Contact: +27 63 048 0706

Meerkat Encounters

Kalahari Trials offers a sanctuary to many orphaned and injured meerkats and offers morning and evening walking tours and guided drives. Contact +27 054 511 0900.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Encounter magnificent herds of oryx, encounter the mighty Kalahari lion. The largest conservation area within Africa it is also home to a Dark skies’ sanctuary and home to the Khomani Cultural Landscape Heritage Site. Contact +27 (0)54 452 9200



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