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Discover Spectacular Birdwatching in the Kalahari this Summer

Discover Spectacular Birdwatching in the Kalahari this Summer 

Grab your binoculars and prepare for a spectacular avian adventure in South Africa’s Northern Cape region. Home to over 300 bird species, this arid landscape offers a birdwatcher’s paradise.

As the summer school holidays approach, head to the wide open spaces near Askham, Kathu, Hotazel, and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Look for iconic desert birds like the melodious Kalahari scrub robin, the crimson-breasted shrike, and the elegant bateleur.

The endangered bateleur, with its bold black, white and red-orange plumage, has been named BirdLife South Africa’s Bird of the Year for 2024. Scan the skies over the thorny acacia trees for a glimpse of this majestic raptor.

The grasslands host vibrantly-colored mousebirds, bee-eaters and rollers. Watch for the graceful flight of the bat hawk at dusk. Flocks of namaqua sandgrouse come in to drink at waterholes. With diverse habitats, you can easily spot dozens of species.

Pack your binoculars for early morning walks when the dawn chorus begins. Late afternoons are also excellent for observing birds. For new and experienced birders alike, the open spaces of the Kalahari promise excitement.

Top spots to see endemic species include:

  • Witsand Nature Reserve – Pygmy Falcon, Kori Bustard, Black-eared Sparrowlark
  • Orange River Mouth – Curlew Sandpiper, Lesser Flamingo, Damara Tern
  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – Secretarybird, Red-necked Falcon, Sociable Weaver

This summer holidays, delight in the diverse birdlife of the Northern Cape. With endemic residents and migratory visitors, a birding adventure here promises lifelong memories.