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The Cape to Namibia Route stretches along the N7 through the Northern Cape province before meandering away from the national road to include various small towns, each with its own local flavour and a story to tell.

This fascinating heritage route covers everything from a famous archaeological site and historic towns to amazing architecture and a vast nature reserve known for its unusual white sand dunes.

This area of the Northern Cape province is truly the heart of the Kalahari. Here you will experience red sand dunes and dry riverbeds, wide open skies and flat-topped acacia trees that symbolise the Kalahari Red Dune Route.

Ever yearned for a space so vast that the horizon continues into the future? Or to see the stars so clearly you feel that you touch them? The Karoo Highlands Route is where you can experience such uniqueness.

This route offers the traveller an attractive balance of history, adventure, nature, culture and traditional Karoo “slow food”.

In spring, hordes of tourists flock to what is colloquially known as Namaqualand. The reason is the spectacular fields of wildflowers that bloom throughout this area at this time of year.

The route takes the traveller into one of the most interesting and beautiful areas of South Africa’s Northern Cape province and embraces the towns and settlements…

The Richtersveld is a mountainous desert situated in the north-west corner of South Africa. It has the highest diversity of succulent plants in…


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