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The Northern Cape is home to many natural delights. Here you will find the Diamond Fields, the Green Kalahari, and the ever-popular Namaqualand.
However, there are some spots that are not that familiar. These are places that offer scenic beauty that is almost untouched, which is exciting for
travelers to the Northern Cape looking for something a little different. The stark beauty of Kathu is always a surprise to the first-time visitor. Kathu is the
iron-ore capital of the Northern Cape province and its name means “town under the trees”, after the Camel Thorn forest it is found in.

There are many fun things to do in Kathu, such as playing golf in one of the most beautiful golf estates in the country, exploring the Green Kalahari, and
wine tasting at Orange River Cellars, one of the many Kathu restaurants. It is close to many natural attractions such as the Wonderwerk Cave, an
archaeological dig site in the Kuruman Hills, Boesmansgat Sinkhole, a 270-meter-deep sinkhole, and the fascinating Morokweng Crater.


Hondeklipbaai is another undiscovered gem. It has managed to avoid too much commercialization, which has allowed the scenery to remain
“bare bones” and untouched by too many developments. It is one of South Africa’s “forgotten villages”, with 14 km of gorgeous shoreline dotted with
tidal and rock pools.

It is a small fishing village which offers unbeaten sea views, as well as unique attractions. Some of these attractions include a visit to the Aristea
Shipwreck, taking a walk to the Hondeklip Lighthouse, going crayfish diving, and taking a tour of Kamieskroon, Skilpad, and Soebatsfontein.
Hondeklipbaai also offers gorgeous scenery during the flowering months of the Northern Cape, making for a unique seaside retreat for nature lovers.

Richmond is what one could call a “book town” because it has an abundance of bookstores, residents who are knowledgeable about books, and a
culture that is built around these bookstores.


The Northern Cape provides a plethora of natural beauty, as well as many things to do in Kathu, Kuruman, and Hondeklipbaai. It is the perfect province for people who enjoy thinking out of the box and taking part in activities that are exciting and different.